Friday, August 28, 2009


Want to pass your C++ Exam???

Want to do preparation of C++ Exam in a single day???

Do not want to go through a 500 or 1000 page C++ book???

Here is an Excellent book on C++ especially for students who don't have sufficient time to prepare for their C++ exam and want to do preparation of Exam in a single day. This book consists of 99 pages which are to the point and do not beat around the bush.

Also you people can check out the sample ebook, containing 3 chapters, free of cost to have an idea of how effective this ebook is.

Download Sample Ebook

If you are out of touch with C++ programming from past few months, you can easily read this ebook to regain the knowledge about C++ concepts in a very short span of time.

Regular Programmers can also use this ebook as side reference.

Book Price : $10